TC Application For School in English Write Correctly

TC Application For School in English Write Correctly, There are a lot of reasons for withdrawing from our current school, and once we have decided to leave the school, then it is very important for all of us to get our Transfer Certificates (TC) from that school, so that we can join another school or college.

In this article, we will provide you with the format for writing an application to get our transfer certificates from our current school/ college. The primary aim of issuing students with transfer certificates is to release them from their current school/ college, so that they can apply for admission to some other school/ college.

This is a very essential document, as without this document a student is not able to join some other school/ college for further studies. Now, as this is an official document, so a student who wants to apply for transfer certificate, he/ she needs to write a formal letter to the concerned authority.

TC Application For School in English

While you are applying for a transfer certificate, you need to follow a specific pattern of writing TC Application For School in English.

In this article, we have provided you all with the sample of how to write an application for transfer certificate (TC). You need to scroll down the post and there you will find the sample for TC Application For School Students.

Reasons For Applying For Transfer Certificate

There are ‘n’ no. of reasons that why you want to leave that school and want to take admission into some other school. There can be reasons like –

  • You have completed your 12th and now for taking admission into a college you will be required to submit your TC from where you have completed your 12th
  • You have completed your 10th and now you want to change your board or want to take admission into some other school
  • Your family is relocating and you will be moving with them to a new place
  • You want to change school for exposure

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The reason could be any, but whatever it is you need to mention it in your TC application, as per the protocols of writing TC application for school in english requesting a transfer certificate.

Points To Remember While Applying For A Transfer Certificate

Now, there are some points that you should definitely mention while you are applying for a transfer certificate and these points are –

  • Mentions a clear and genuine reason that why you want to apply for transfer certificate
  • A student must give a proper declaration that why this certificate is important for him/ her
  • A student must attach all the necessary documents that must justify why you want a TC
  • A student must particularize an exact date or an early date on which the TC should be issued to avoid any difficulties

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Now that we have provided you with an idea about what all things you must remember while writing a TC application, so we hope that you will be able to write it in a proper way.

For better understanding of the pattern, we are providing you with a proper sample of application for applying for a transfer certificate. This sample will help you a lot in writing your transfer certificate application.

Application For Transfer Certificate in English


The Principal

XYZ School

New Delhi


Date – 20 September 20XX

Subject – Application For Transfer Certificate

Respected Sir/ Ma’am,

With due respect, I would like to state that I am a student of class 8th of your school. But i will not be able to continue my further studies for this prestigious school as my father is a service man and he has been transferred to Chennai. He has to join there within 15 days. So, we are moving to Chennai the coming week.

Therefore, I request you to kindly issue me my transfer certificate within this week, so that I could take admission into some other school there without facing any difficulties.

I have no dues pending and I also also returned all the books that I issued from library.

Thanking You

Your’s Truly

(Your name)

Class –

Roll No. –

We hope that the sample of TC Application for school in English we have provided you above will help you a lot in applying for your TC. The pattern is going to be same, you just have to change details according to you.

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In case, you find difficulty anywhere, you may let us know via comment section of TC Application For School In English.

Updated: November 15, 2022 — 5:15 pm

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