Informal Letter Format In English – How To Write Properly

Informal Letter Format In English – How To Write Properly : Want to write an informal letter to someone and now you are searching for the format to write that informal letter to your near and dear ones, then you are at the right page. With the help of this article, we have provided you with the format with the help of which you can easily write an informal letter to anyone.

Scroll down the page and get to know Informal Letter Format In English. This Informal Letter Format In English will not only help you write an informal letter properly, but will also help you score good marks in your exams if the question is asked in your question paper.

Informal Letter Format In English – How To Write Properly

As we all know that informal letters, which are also referred to as a friendly letter, are the personal letters that we write to our friends and relatives. These are very easy to write and the best part of this is that you can speak your heart out with the help of these letters.

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These letters are free from formal writing and you can write whatever you want to write on that letter, that best defines your feelings. Only thing that you need to do is follow a proper format. This informal letter format will make your letter look attractive and will help you score good marks.

Informal Letter Format In English

Though there is no proper format for writing an informal letter, as you are writing it to your near and dear ones, but yes, there is a proper pattern that you need to follow which will make your letter look really attractive and the receiver would love to read it. There are some guidelines provided below following which you can easily write an informal letter in english, and also we have provided you with a sample informal letter that will also provide you with a lot of help.

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Informal Letter Format In English – Guidelines

Write the address of the sender at the left side of the page
Now, put the date on which you are writing that letter
Now greet the receiver. Eg – Dear XYZ or Dear Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister etc
Now write the body of the letter, to make it more attractive, break it into paragraphs
Now after concluding the letter you can end it like ‘Lots of love/ kind regards/ best wishes’ etc and your name. As it does not follow a strict pattern, so you can end it as you want

Informal Letter Sample

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on becoming the topper of the school in Class 12 Board Examinations.


132, DLF Apartments

New Delhi-110034

July 31, 2021

Dear Riddhi

I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health. I heard that you have topped your school in Class 12th board examinations. After hearing this news, my happiness knew no bounds that you have achieved your dream. On this special moment, I wanted to be there with you to congratulate you personally.

Your  result has proved that if you are ambitious for something and you work hard to achieve it, then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your desired goal. I know how much hard work you have done to make your dreams come true. I also know that you were nervous at first, but had full confidence on your preparations, which made you pass your board examinations with flying colors.

As you have worked hard for your examinations, I want to you to be passionate about your goals and continue hard work to achieve those goals. You have a very bright future.

With lots of love and best wishes.

Yours lovingly


We hope the content that we have provided you will help you in writing informal letters and will help you gain good marks with the help of this informal letter format in english. In case you want to ask anything, you may let us know via comment section.

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