Biology Reproductive Health Chapter 4 – Exercise

Biology Reproductive Health Chapter 4 – Exercise – NCERT Biology reproductive health exercise completed here read them carefully and these are useful for cbse 12 board exams and other competitive exams.

Q.1. what do you think is the significance of reproductive health in a society.
ans. Rapidly expanding human population, particularly,  in the developing countries like India has a direct bearing on the reproductive health of the society.
Q.2. Suggest the aspects of reproductive health which need to be given special attention in the present scenario.
Ans. 1. Creating awareness among the people about various reproductive – related aspects such as
STDs, available birth control methods, care of pregnant mothers, post- natal care of mother and
child, importance  of breast feeding, adolescence and related changes, safe and hygienic sexual
practices etc.

  1. providing facilities and support for building up a re-productively healthy. These include medical
    assistance and care to people especially during pregnancy, delivery, STDs, abortions, contraception,
    menstrual problems, infertility etc.
Q.3. is sex education necessary in schools? Why?
Ans. Yes. Introduction of sex education in schools is necessary to disseminate right information to the
young minds about reproductive organs, adolescence and related changes, safe and hygienic sexual
practices, STDa etc, this knowledge will save them from myths and misconceptions about sex
related aspects and also help them to lead a re-productively healthy life later.
Q.4. do you think that reproductive health in our country has improved in the post 50 years? If yes, mention some such areas of improvement.
Ans. Yes, in the last 50 years, reproductive health in our country has improved. Some such areas of
improvement are : (i) massive child immunization (ii) maternity and child health (iii) increasing use
of contraceptives (iv) family planning.
Q.5. whet are the suggested reasons for population explosion?

Ans. Suggested Reason for human population explosion are

estimated population of diffrent nations

  1. Decrease in death rate, and
  2. Increase in longevity
  3. Control of diseases
  4. Advancement in Agriculture
  5. Storage Facilities
  6. Better transport
  7. Spread of education
  8. Government effort
  9. Protection from natural risks
  10. Improvement in medical facilities
Q.6. is the use of contraceptives justified? give reasons.
Ans. Yes. The use of contraceptives is justified. Population is India is increasing at a very fast rate and has
crossed a billion mark in 2000 A.D such a growth necessitated intense propagation and use of
contraceptive methods to bring all the fertile couples its cover. It will help in bring rate down and
consequently check population growth.
Q.7. Removal of gonads can not be considered as contraceptive options. Why?
Ans. Removal of gonads surgically is a irreversible process. It will lead to infertility and both male and
female will be dependent on hormones in their remaining life to regulate functioning of many
reproductive organs.
Q.8. amniocentesis, the foetal sex determination test is banned on our country. Is it necessary ?
Ans. Unfortunately, in our country, amniocentesis is being misused to kill the normal female foetuses as
it can help detect the sex of foetus also. To avoid female foeticides, it is necessary to legally ban the
foetal sex determination test.
Q.9. suggest some methods to assist infertile couples to have children.

Ans. Following are special techniques used to assist infertile couples to have children:

  1. test tube babies.
  2. Gamete intra fallopian transfer (GIFT).
  3. Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
  4. Artificial insemination technique (AIT).
Q.10. what are the measures one has to take to prevent from contracting STDs ?

Ans. 1. Creating awareness to limit the number of sexual partners, particularly in young people.

  1. use of condoms.
  2. Avoid sharing of injection needles, surgical instruments etc.
  3. In case of doubt, immediately specialists must be contacted for early detection and cure of STDs.
Q.11. State true/false with explanation.
(i) Abortions could happen spontaneously to (true/false)(ii) infertility is defined as the inability to produce a viable offspring and is always due to
abnormalities/defects in the female partner. (true/false)(iii) Complete lactation could help as a natural method of contraception. (true/false)(iv) Creating awareness about sex related aspects is an effective method to improve reproductive
health of the people. (true/false)

Ans. (i)False. It an intentional or voluntary termination of pregnancy before the foetus becomes viable.

(ii) False. Infertility is defined as the inability of the couple to produce viable offspring. It is due to
abnormalities/defects in either male or female or both.

(iii) False. Complete lactation is a natural method of contraception but is limited to period up sex
months after parturition.

(iv) True.

Q.12. correct the following statements:

(a) Surgical methods of contraception prevent gamete formation.

(b) All sexually transmitted diseases are completely curable.

(c) Oral pills are very popular contraceptives among the rural formation.

(d) In E.F. techniques, embryos are always transferred info the uterus.

Ans. (a) Surgical methods of contraception prevent approximation of male and female gametes during
(b) Few sexually transmitted diseases are completely curable if detected early and treated properly.(c) Oral pills are very popular contraceptives among the educated urban women.(d) In E.T. techniques, 8 celled embryos are transferred info Fallopian tubes and more than 8 celled
embryos are transferred into the uterus.

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