Integrated Shala Darpan Rajasthan School Login Just In 5 Step

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This article provides all the information regarding Shala Darpan. So, in this post we will make our readers aware regarding what is Shala Darpan and how to login to it. This website designed by the Government of India is a boon for all the teachers of Rajasthan. It provides all the information regarding the teachers, students, schools in Rajasthan in just a single click. You just need to have a login id and password and you can easily find the details.

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What Is Integrated Shala Darpan

Do you remember those days when there was no internet. Everything was offline. If our parents had to get our reports, they had to visit the school and meet the teachers to get our progress report. But now the world has changed a lot. In the present era of information technology, information management is an essential component for the operation and up-gradation of any organization.

Shala Darpan is a dynamic database management portal, where information about all the students, parents, teachers school administration is kept online and a connection is maintained among these and various education facilities are provided to them. This portal “Shala Darpan” is updated as a continuous process. In this portal , “live data” is compiled in connection with primary and secondary education students, schools and academic and non-academic staff.

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Till now 66042 Schools, 8454730 Students, 437818 Teachers have been registered in this portal and this number keeps on changing, as the site is updated every time with latest information.

क्या आपको वो दिन याद हैं जब इंटरनेट नहीं था। सब कुछ ऑफलाइन था। यदि हमारे माता-पिता को हमारी रिपोर्ट प्राप्त करनी होती थी, तो उन्हें हमारी प्रगति रिपोर्ट प्राप्त करने के लिए स्कूल का दौरा करना पड़ता था और शिक्षकों से मिलना पड़ता था। लेकिन अब दुनिया बहुत बदल गई है। सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी के वर्तमान युग में, यह कार्य बहुत आसान हो गया है, अब आप घर में बैठे डिजिटल माध्यम से अपने बच्चों की प्रगति रिपोर्ट प्राप्त कर सकते हैं|

शाला दर्पण एक गतिशील डेटाबेस प्रबंधन पोर्टल है, जहां सभी छात्रों, अभिभावकों, स्कूल प्रशासन और शिक्षकों के बारे में जानकारी ऑनलाइन रखी जाती है और इन सबके बीच एक संबंध बनाए रखा जाता है और उन्हें विभिन्न शिक्षा सुविधाएं प्रदान की जाती हैं। यह पोर्टल “शाला दर्पण” एक सतत प्रक्रिया के रूप में अद्यतन किया गया है। इस पोर्टल में, प्राथमिक और माध्यमिक कक्षा के छात्रों, स्कूलों और शैक्षणिक और गैर-शैक्षणिक कर्मचारियों का “लाइव डेटा” संकलित किया गया है, और इसमें समय समय पर नए अपडेट डाले जाते हैं |

अब तक 66042 स्कूल, 8454730 छात्र, 437818 शिक्षक इस पोर्टल में पंजीकृत हो चुके हैं और यह संख्या बदलती रहती है, क्योंकि साइट हर बार नवीनतम जानकारी के साथ अपडेट की जाती है।

This process is limited for the students and teachers of Rajasthan. This portal is the initiative of HRD ministry of Government of Indian and NIC (National Informatics Centre) and was launched on 5th of June 2015. Since then, it is providing a lot of help to the teachers, students of Rajasthan, and their parents as the data is being maintained in a digital way which is very effective.

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यह प्रक्रिया राजस्थान के छात्रों और शिक्षकों के लिए सीमित है। यह पोर्टल भारत सरकार के मानव संसाधन विकास मंत्रालय और एनआईसी (राष्ट्रीय सूचना विज्ञान केंद्र) की पहल है और 5 जून 2015 को शुरू किया गया था। तब से, यह राजस्थान के शिक्षकों, छात्रों और उनके माता-पिता को बहुत मदद कर रहा है। डेटा को डिजिटल तरीके से बनाए रखा जा रहा है जो बहुत प्रभावी है।

You can get various services through this portal such as Citizen Window, Search school option, School report, Student report, Staff report, Scheme search, Shala Darpan internship, Suggestion from a citizen, Shala Darpan staff corner, Prayas 2020 (question/ answer sheet of the toppers of previous year/ study material), Staff Window, Know School NIC-SD ID, Know Staff Details, Register for Staff Login, Transfer Schedule Etc.

आप इस पोर्टल के माध्यम से विभिन्न सेवाएं प्राप्त कर सकते हैं जैसे कि सिटीजन विंडो, सर्च स्कूल ऑप्शन, स्कूल रिपोर्ट, स्टूडेंट रिपोर्ट, स्टाफ रिपोर्ट, स्कीम सर्च, शाला दर्पण इंटर्नशिप, एक नागरिक से सुझाव, शाला डारपिन स्टाफ कॉर्नर, प्रार्थना 2020 (प्रश्न पत्र और टॉपर्स की उत्तर पत्रिका पिछले वर्ष / अध्ययन सामग्री), स्टाफ विंडो, स्कूल एनआईसी-एसडी आईडी, स्टाफ विवरण, स्टाफ लॉग इन के लिए पंजीकरण, अनुसूची अनुसूची आदि को जानें।
It also provides the facility to the private schools of Rajasthan to register themselves with this portal and maintain the records of their students, teachers and non-teaching staff there in a digital way.

Facilities That Integrated Shala Darpan Provides

  • Here, the teachers of Rajasthan can easily login and mark their attendance online and they can also submit their application for leave here.
  • The data of students is easily maintained in this portal as Profile Management, where the attendance of students is maintained in a digital way, the record of their parents’ name, students’ score, their health information, their scholarship details everything is provided in this portal.
  • Students are provided with id cards which they have to swipe while entering the classroom and their attendance is automatically marked which is then sent as SMS to their parents’ registered number which provides a lot of relief to the parents also, as they are able to know whether their ward is present in the premises or not.
  • Information regarding employee’s transfer, promotion, posting, recruitment, attendance, payment can also be easily maintained in this portal.

Integrated Shala Darpan Portal Login

Once you login to the portal, you will be benefitted with the facility of Shala Darpan. Any resident of Rajasthan can avail the benefits of Shala Darpan Portal, who are interested in knowing how their ward is performing. You have to follow some simple steps and you can monitor your ward’s day to day progress

  • First you need to login to the official website of Integrated Shala Darpan i.e.,
  • After clicking this link, home page of Integrated Shala Darpan will open in your screens Integrated Shala Darpan
  • At the right top of your screen you will find a login button, click on it
  • Clicking on that “Login” button, login page will open in your screens
  • Fill the credentials like login name, password, and captcha and click on login

By following these simple 5 steps, you can easily login to Integrated Shala Darpan Portal and get connected with the education department  of Rajasthan and get all the information you want regarding schools and your ward.

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इन सरल 5 चरणों का पालन करके, आप आसानी से एकीकृत शाला दर्पण पोर्टल में प्रवेश कर सकते हैं और राजस्थान के शिक्षा विभाग से जुड़ सकते हैं और उन सभी जानकारियों को प्राप्त कर सकते हैं जो आप स्कूलों और अपने वार्ड के संबंध में चाहते हैं।

Steps To Search Schools In Rajasthan By Using Integrated Shala Darpan Portal School Login

  • Visit the official website of Shala Darpan “
  • After visiting the home page of Integrated Shala Darpan Portal, go to the “Citizen Window” alternative
  • Now, click on “Search School” alternative in the menu bar
  • Search by Distt., NIC Code, and Pin code
  • Enter one of them in the given space and click on go
  • You can also select choices show up on the screen like Elementary/Secondary Schools, Stream/Subject Wise Schools and many more options provided there
  • Now, searching through the options will provide you with the drop down boxes like Select district name, Select block name, Select stream, Select subject and enter captcha
  • After filling these credentials, click on search

Shala Darpan Integrated Portal

At the beginning there were two portals, Shala Darshan for primary students and Shala Darpan for secondary class students, which administration and teachers were finding it difficult to use both the portals. Later on both the portals were merged in to one portal which is “Shala Darpan” where all the records of primary as well as secondary class students are easily maintained in the digital way without finding any difficulty.
शुरुआत में दो पोर्टल थे, प्राथमिक छात्रों के लिए शाला दर्शन और माध्यमिक कक्षा के छात्रों के लिए शाला दर्पण, जिसकी वजह से प्रशाशन और शिक्षकों को सभी छात्रों का रिकॉर्ड बनाने में मुश्किल महसूस हो रही थी, जिस कारण वश दोनों पोर्टल को एक में ही सम्मिलित कर दिया गया | दोनों पोर्टलों को एक पोर्टल में सम्मिलित कर देने के बाद, जो “शाला दर्पण” है, जहां प्राथमिक के साथ-साथ माध्यमिक कक्षा के छात्रों के सभी रिकॉर्ड बिना किसी कठिनाई के आसानी से डिजिटल तरीके से बनाए रखे जाते हैं।

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Integrated Shala Darpan Staff Corner

Here, in this section of our post on “Integrated Shala Darpan” we will provide you details regarding Staff Window. Follow some simple steps to fetch details

  • Visit the official website of Integrated Shala Darpan Portal of which link is provided above
  • Now, click on “Staff Window”
  • Clicking on it, “Staff Window” will open in your screens
  • Now, you need to register yourself in the portal, to check your profiles
  • Click on “Register For Staff Login”
  • Now, registration page will appear on your screens
  • Enter all the asked credentials and submit, you will be registered in the portal
  • Now, you can easily access all the pages like – know staff details, know school NIC-SD ID and many more

Integrated Shala Darpan Rajasthan Internship

Integrated Shala Darpan also provides with the facility of Shala Darpan Internship. Now we are providing you with the procedure regarding how to apply for Shala Darpan Internship:

Student Login Process For Shala Darpan Internship:

  • Click on the link that we are providing “School Allotment For Internship
  • Now, after clicking on the link, you will be taken to the home page of Internship”
  • On the left side of the page, you will find the link “Candidate Login”
  • Click on it and fill the credentials
  • Click on forgot password and fill the credentials that are asked
  • Now click on search and you will find candidate list
  • Now candidates need to click on Get User Name and they will get their User name and password on their registered mobile numbers
  • Candidates again need to click on candidate login and fill the credentials “user name and password” that they got on their registered numbers
  • After login, again a window will open in your screens where you will find Candidate link, you need to click on it
  • Then you will find two options “candidate profile and candidate request”
  • By clicking on candidate profile, candidates can check their profile, which is filled by the respective university
  • By clicking on Candidate request, a window will appear on your screens, where you will find the details regarding “School Choices” filled by the university
  • You can very well edit these details, you just need to click on Update preference
  • After clicking on “Update Preference”, a window will open on your screens, you can delete the choice or also can change your preference.
  • At last click on save
  • Please note that after clicking on save, there will be no further editings allowed and candidate will solely be responsible for everything, so when you are making changes, be extra alert for every detail, once school is allotted, you will not be allowed for any more changes

So, this is the information that we wanted to share regarding Integrated Shala Darpan Portal. We are hopeful that we have provided you with almost every single detail. In case you find that there is something missing, you can send your suggestions via comment section area. We will try to provide you with the same information as soon as possible.

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