Physics Class 12 MCQ Electrostatic Charges and Fields – Chapter 1

These Physics Class 12 MCQ Electrostatic Charges and Fields – Chapter 1 are important for board exam 2022. As per the new rules of cbse examination pattern, MCQ or Objective type questions will be asked in board exam so students have the great opportunity to grab some extra no. with just few words. Practice these Physics class 12 chapter 1 mcqs of electrostatics that are given below and make your concepts of the chapter very strong.

As you know according to the latest pattern, first section that you are going to find on your question paper will be MCQs, so practice these MCQ and these will definitely help you gain good marks. These are some important MCQs from Electrostatic Charges And Fields and there is a possibility that you may witness same type of questions there in your question paper also. So, start practicing these MCQs from Electrostatic Charges And Fields and score good marks.

Physics Class 12 MCQ Electrostatic Charges and Fields – Chapter 1

Click on the correct answer below.

Ques 1: 1 Statcoulomb = ……. Coulomb

  • 3 x 109
  • 3 x 10-9
  • 1/3 x 10-9
  • 1/3 x 109

1/3 x 10-9

Ques 2: The cause of charging is

  • actual transfer of protons
  • actual transfer of electrons
  • actual transfer of neutrons
  • none of the above

actual transfer of electrons

Ques 3: When a plastic comb is passed through dry hair, the charge acquired by the comb is

  • always negative
  • always positive
  • sometimes negative
  • none of the above

always negative

Ques 4: The cause of quantization of electric charge is

  • transfer of electrons
  • transfer of protons
  • transfer of integral number of electrons
  • none of the above

transfer of integral number of electrons

Ques 5: Charge on a body which carries 200 excess electrons is

  • 3.2 x 10-18C
  • -3.2 x 10-18C
  • -3.2 x 10-17C
  • 3.2 x 10-17C

-3.2 x 10-17C

Ques 6: The value of absolute permittivity of free space is

  • 9×10-9C-2Nm2
  • 9×109C-2Nm2
  • 8.85×10-12C2N-1m-2
  • 8.85×1012C2Nm-2


Ques 7: Electric field due to a single charge is

  • assymetric
  • cylindrical symmetric
  • spherical symmetric
  • none of the above


Ques 8: At a given distance from the centre of electric dipole, field intensity on axial line is k times the field intensity on equatorial line, where k =

  • 2
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3


Ques 9: Electric field due to an electric dipole is

  • spherical symmetric
  • cylindrical symmetric
  • assymetric
  • none of the above

cylindrical symmetric

Ques 10: When an electric dipole is held at an angle in a uniform electric field, the net force F and torque τ on the dipole are

  • F=0,τ=0
  • F≠0,τ≠0
  • F=0,τ≠0
  • F≠0,τ=0


Physics Class 12 Electrostatic MCQ

Ques 11: 1 GeV = xeV, where x is

  • 106
  • 103
  • 108
  • 109


Ques 12: The dimensional formula of electric flux is

  • L3MT3I1
  • L2MT3I1
  • L3MT3I1
  • L3MT3I1


Ques 13: A closed surface in vacuum encloses charges -q and +3q. Another charge -2q lies outside the surface. Total electric flux over the surface is

  • 2q/∈0
  • zero
  • -3q/∈0
  • 4q/∈0


Ques 14: The number of electric lines of force radiating from a closed surface in vacuum is 1.13×1011. The charge enclosed by the surface is

  • 1C
  • 1μC
  • 0.1C
  • 0.1μC


Ques 15: Two charges 3×10-5 and 5×104 are placed at a distance 10cm from each other. Find the value of electrostatic force acting between them.

  • 13.5×1011
  • 40×1011
  • 180×109
  • 3×10-5


Ques 16: What is the SI unit of electric flux

  • Nxm2
  • (N/C)xm2
  • (N/m2)xC
  • (N2/m2)xC2


Ques 17: What is the value of minimum force acting between two charges placed at 1m apart from each other

  • Ke
  • Ke/4
  • Ke2
  • Ke2/2


Ques 18: A glass rod acquired charge by rubbing it with silk cloth. The charge on glass rod is due to

  • Conduction
  • Induction
  • Radiation
  • Friction


Ques 19: In figure two positive charges q2 and q3 fixed along the y-axis, exert a net electric force in the +x- direction on a charge q1 fixed along the y-axis. If a positive charge Q is added at (x, 0), the force on q1

  • shall decrease along the positive x-axis
  • shall increase along the positive x-axis
  • shall point along the negative x-axis
  • shall increase but the direction changes because of the intersection of Q with q2 and q3

shall increase along the positive x-axis

Ques 20: A point positive charge is brought near an isolated conducting sphere (figure). The electric field is best given by

  • d
  • a
  • b
  • c


NCERT Physics Class 12 MCQ Questions and Answers

Ques 21: Which of the following figures represent electric field lines dure to a single negative charge?

  • a
  • c
  • b
  • none


Ques 22: The unit of electric dipole moment is

  • newton
  • coulomb
  • farad
  • debye


Ques 23: The work done in rotating an electric dipole in an electric field:

  • W = ME tan θ
  • W = ME (1 – cos θ)
  • W = ME sec θ
  • None

W = ME (1 – cos θ)

Ques 24: If sphere of bad conductor is given charge then it is distributed on:

  • surface
  • inside the surface
  • only inside the surface
  • None


Ques 25: The dielectric constant of a metal is

  • 0
  • 1
  • -1

Ques 26: A parrot comes and sits on a bare high power line. It will

  • experience a mild shock
  • experience a strong shock
  • get killed instantaneously
  • not be affected practically

not be affected practically

Ques 27: A soap bubble is given a negative charge, then its radius:

  • increases
  • decreases
  • remains unchaged
  • may increase or decrease


Ques 28: Figure shows electric field lines in which an electric dipole p is placed as shown. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • The dipole will not experience any force
  • The dipole will experience a force towards right
  • The dipole will experience a force towards left
  • The dipole will experience a force upwards

The dipole will experience a force towards left

Ques 29: Three charges + 3q + q and Q are placed on a st. line with equal separation. In order to market the net force on q to be zero, the value of Q will be :

  • +3q
  • +2q
  • -3q
  • -4q


Ques 30: The number of electron-taken out from a body to produce 1 coulomb of charge will be :

  • 625 × 1018
  • 6.023 × 1023
  • 6.25 × 1018
  • None of these

6.25 × 1018

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physics 12 mcq

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