What are the Uses of Forest? 10 Point to Point Thoughts

What are the Uses of Forest? Point to Point Thoughts about uses of forest. You can use the as an essay on uses of forest or just to gain your general knowledge, of if you want to know what are the uses of tree and forest. What is the criteria of forest? I Mean forest is not the thing it is made of trees, plants and other cryptogamics.

Why is forest important for living? Many question hits mind when you are alone and thinking about the nature. Forests are part of nature and simply nature means which is not made by human or any external species.

what are the uses of forests

You can feel freshness when you goes around forest. That freshness can’t get inside the ac room.

What are the Uses of Forest? Point to Point Thoughts

Now come to the topic and see below what are the Uses of Forest? How they are important to us, what kind of role do they play in our ecosystem?

Lots of questions and see the answers below. Each and every question has an answer and if you are looking for questions and it’s answers about what are the Uses of Forest? then read below.

We have made a chart where we will tell you which is the biggest forest and which is the smallest forest in the world?

what kind of forest produce more oxygen and good for nature.

What percentage of earth is covered by forests?

forest covered area of earth

4.06 billion hectares land is covered by forests which is around 31% of earth’s.

1 – Want to stay calm? Spend some days in Forest

In this rush full life everyone want to stay calm and wish to have a cool life but all of us are not that lucky to have a house near forest. Right? Yes, we can’t have a house near forest, some of us could have but some of us are dreaming about it.

One of the uses of forest is it make weather cool specially hot areas. Forests makes weather cool and degrade the temperature.

A single tree can make a room cooler which is equivalent to 5 ACs. Now you can think how much a forest can make our atmosphere cool.

2 – Forests are key factors for decreasing global warming

Before coming to summer season, we usually don’t think about nature but when summer season comes. We people think about heat, hot weather, and global warming.

Forests are helping in decreasing global warming, you can’t control global warming just by planting trees inside your cities. You have to protect the forests to control your climate.

Forests play important role in healing ozone layer.

3 – Are you animal lover? It gives life and home to animals

Animal lover doesn’t mean you love, cat, dog, and other pets. Forests gives home, food, good climate to animals to survive.

You will be shocked when you will read the line mentioned below. And you asking what are the uses of forest?

Let’s talk about worldwide, 300 million people live in forests and 1.6 billion depend on them for their livelihoods.

4 – Forest Purify water and make it drinkable

Especially take a plain land where their is no forest around, and get some water from that area which is drinkable, drink that water, taste it, how is it?

Now come to the deep forest, or somewhere in hills, you take water from there and taste it you will know the difference.

So, generally without any instruments, you can tell which water is more pure.

5 – Forest purify the soil and keep it from flowing

Now everyone know what is the reason behind flood, and landslide in hill areas. Simple reason behind them is lack of forests or trees you can say.

A healthy amount of trees are forest. So you can’t say only few trees are reason behind the flood.

In a rainy season, you will see muddy water in plain land where is not forests. But when you will go in a forest there will not be that muddy running water. Why? think about it.

Because of forests, there are plants, trees and algae. All these keep the soil tight, That’s why water can’t take that with it.

6 – Give us important herbs to make medicines

Have you ever thought? Where medicines come from? Most of the time you can say it made of chemical or herbs, but where these herbs come from?

These herbs come from, forest and yes these are important for livelihood.

To make our life healthy, sometime we have to take medicines and it is because of forest.

7 – Little bit contribution to help in employment

Here you must be thinking of how can a forest produce some employment? But it is true that a good forest can provide some job.

As you know, Honey comes from forest, Soft woods (Which is important to make furniture).

Forests provides job opportunities in many fields like, leisure & sports, ecotherapy, urban forestry or pests, fire, and disease control.

8 – Forest helps to purify the air

As you all know, Air is life. You can’t survive without air. And pure air is natural medicine. So forest purify air, absorb bad air and exhale fresh air.

Notice air in cities and forest. What is more pure? So one of the best uses of forest is purifying air.

9 – Forests are responsible to control the climate changes

Yes, this is one of the reason of protecting forest and that’s why government spends lots of money to protect forests.

Each and every government in this world spends billions of dollar to protect the forest. Bhutan is one of the country which is carbon negative.

It means amount fresh air in Bhutan is more than Carbon. That is the reason Bhutan government charges to stay there for everyday.

10 – Reduce pollution like, air pollution, noise pollution

When you hear pollution, your mind makes bad images or every thing. Air pollution means smoke, noise pollution means a traffic jam and each one is blowing horn or loud sounds around you.

But when you notice their is lots of trees on the side of the road, and there is lot of sound but you can’t feel that sound much just because of there trees of forests.

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Try once shouting in forest, your voice will not come out so far. So These are the best uses of forest.

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