Best Independence Day Speech for Students and Kids for School

Best Independence Day Speech for Students and Kids: for 2021 independence day, if you are practicing best independence day speech, then you are at the right place. In school speech competition, if you participate and on independence day are are going to perform. Your relatives are present there to see your performance, every students want to give their best.

Like you, your every competitor is preparing his independence day speech. What will you make different from other students. So, read this article about independence day speech for students and kids to perform in school speech competition.

independence day speech for students

Three things you need to remember, only speech will not matter. These tips and tricks will also help you to get an award on Independence day speech competition. Here is one of the best Independence Day Speech for Students and kids.

How to prepare best speech on independence day?

First you address your chief guest, principle, guests and students.

Second important thing is patriotism. Mention some patriotic lines and shayari and dedicate this to our brave freedom fighters.

Remember your freedom fighters, describe their roles in short.

Then shine a light on current situation of your state and our country, like after years of independence our education system, our health system is too poor.

Talk about how to make betterment of our state and our Country

Describe about Some issues which can be solved by public.

Don’t focus more on Simple celebration techniques. Just try to focus more on facts and truth.

What will make you different from other students or kids?

The Way of delivering speech matters a lot while you are performing.

In case you forget the topic or sentence try to cover it up with another similar sentence without showing that you are lack or words.

Second thing is your voice also play major role. If your voice is loud and heavy then, it is also an advance to you.

When you deliver speech, then you must highlight some important words. And say it little bit loud then other words.
Eye contacts with the audience.

confidence should be shown in your eyes clearly.

Your way or telling a story with gesture make you different from everyone. Just going to the stage, diverging speech just like a news is not a good speech at all.

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Best Independence Day Speech for Students – Long Independence Day speech

Good Morning/Gud Afternoon (According to the time),

Respected, Our today’s chief guest, respected principle mam/sir, our teachers, all our today’s guests and dear students. Today on the occasion of independence day. I (your name) here to present some thoughts about independence day.

As you know today is 75th independence day of our country, 75 years ago on 15 August 1947, our great freedom fighters took freedom for us. It is said that we got freedom, but it is not true in my views, while our freedom fighters and our brave fighters snatched freedom from the Britishers.

Thousands of unknown freedom fighters and great patriotism sacrifice their life for us. While some of them are still in our heats.

I want to remember one famous shayari on this occasion. and yes this is very true, when we remember our real heroes, our freedom fighters, it always comes in my mind that –

“Bhara nahi jo bhawon se, Bhara Nahi jo bhawon se!
Bahati Jisme rashdhar nahi
Wo hraday nahi hai wo patthar, Wo hraday nahi hai wo patthar
hai jisme swadesh ka pyar nahi !”

I though that was the feeling what our heroes Shaheed bhagat singh, Shaheed Chandra shekhar aazad, Shaheed shukhdev, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lala Lajpat rai, and many other felt.

Mahatma ghandhi play important role to make India free. they go to the jail many times, handled some mental torture physical torture but he didn’t step back and at the end we become independent country on 15 august 1947.

That’s why they sacrificed their life. I want you to remember them today. Because what they did for us without caring about their life, today nobody can do it.

We should solute to their patriotism, which was higher than their lives. It was not the story of one two or 10 freedom fighters. It was the story of thousands of brave fighters.

In 1857 mangal panday and Rani lakshmi bai took of their swards and try Britishers to through out from our country but they were failed in their mission and become immortal in our memory.

“Jab Tak Suraj, Chand Rahega, Veero tumara naam rahega!”

I don’t want to repeat every name of our freedom fighters as you know many of them. But what is important today?

I will talk about some freedom and indecency here,

Are we really independent? does their sacrifice for us is worth?

I think not at all, what would our freedom fighter have though, that a new “hindustan will be happy” and will keep rising. And after taking freedom we will become “golden bird” again. But they all were wrong, and it is not worth that they sacrifice their life for some corrupt people, politicians, and officers.

We want a India, where nobody should sleep hungry, nobody should sleep clothless and everyone get good education.

But in today’s India, we are not free enough to take care of our children’s. Some of us use to have care taker for their children.

Money has taken place of every emotions these days. People are ready to kill anybody just the sake of money. Is this the real freedom?

One of the most important thing is, our society where our mothers and sisters are not independent yet. In some places, it seems like they are living in 1940. Their parents don’t let them go out side alone. They don’t allow them to go to another city alone. Yes they are right because, our society is not trustworthy.

A single girl is not safe in our country, is this the freedom our brave freedom fighters wanted to?

Who will change the mindset of people? Who will do it for our nation? I don’t know what is the future of India. Will we reach up to 100% literacy rate in the future?

Today we should take some pledge, to help people, to clean our environment, and to clean at least our city or village.

We should not depend on government all the time, we must take some steps by own to make our country batter.

I want to rest my words now. Thank You

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat !!

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Independence day Speech for students in short | 150 words independence day speech

Respected our cheif guest, principle, our todays all guest, teachers and dear students, As you all know that we are celebrating this day as independence day.

75 years ago (in 15th august 1947) our country become free from Britishers. And to get that freedom our freedom fighters sacrifice their life. Thousands of freedom fighters became volunteer and without caring for their family, their lives they gave their 100% to make us independent from the clutches of the Britishers.

Our freedom fighters, Bhagat singh, Chandra shekhar aazad, Mahatma gandhi, shubash chandra bose and many more.

They sacrifice their live to make a India batter but we must remember them and should follow their path to make our country batter.

We should take pledge to respect each and every person of our country, not to be corrupt, and make our country clean.

Jai hind Jai bharat.

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