Best Essay On My Aim in Life For Students In English

In schools, students are often given the assignments of writing an essay on ‘My Aim In Life‘. These essays help students a lot in thinking about what they want to become. It is a natural quality of a man to be ambitious. Everyone wants to achieve something special in life. As students, sometimes we want to grow up to become a doctor or engineer, while sometimes we want to earn name in business. But at least we start thinking about what we want to become.

Everyone’s desires are different, but very few of these people are able to see their desire in the form of a reality.
A few lucky ones are able to make their wish come true. Such persons generally have strong will-power and they are always moving towards a definite goal.

It is essential to have a definite goal in the life of a human being. A goalless man is like a bowler in the game of cricket who throws the ball but there are no wickets in front.

Best Essay On My Aim In Life For Students In English

With the help of this article, we have provided you with the best essay on ‘My Aim In Life’. This essay will not only help you in scoring good marks but will also help you in searching your inner self. All the creatures of this world have a specific purpose. Every human has a dream in life to become something and do something different.

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To achieve the goal, man overcomes many challenges in life and reaches his destination with hard work, understanding. A purposeless person has no value and no respect in this world. Purpose means intention to strive to achieve. Every human has his own aspirations.

Essay On ‘My Aim In Life’

The main purpose of giving students with such assignments is to make them ambitious, so that they could start dreaming about what they want to become in life and they have a purpose in life, so that they can work hard for it.

How To Write Essay On ‘My Aim In Life’

Every person aspires to achieve something special in life. Human beings have many types of fantasies. He makes plans to lift himself up. Everyone has ambition. Man never does any work without purpose, every work of man is purposeful. Even a human does not do any work without a purpose. A person works only by keeping his goal in front.

If the traveler knows where he has to go, then he starts moving towards his goal, but when the traveler does not know his goal then his journey becomes meaningless. Similarly, if a student knows what he wants to become, then he starts trying in that direction and also becomes successful in his goal.

Like every ambitious person, I have also set my life goal. I have only one goal in life that I will grow up to be a doctor. By becoming a doctor, I will protect the country and society from diseases. I want to become a doctor and serve the poor and the suffering. I will not deviate from my duty after reaching my goal.

I want to get such medical knowledge which people are not able to get due to lack of money. I want to become a doctor so that I can protect poor people from diseases.

There are two classes of human beings that have done a lot of favor on the society. The first class is that of teachers, who remove the ignorance from the people and make their lives meaningful by lighting the lamp of knowledge.

The second class is that of the doctor or physician, who removes the diseases of the patient and gives him new life. Teaching and treating the sick are both sacred things and I have chosen one of these sacred goals as the goal of my life.

I will set up a small hospital so that the people of the village can get best treatment of their diseases. Instead of looting money from patients, I will take only that much money from them so that the hospital can run smoothly.

I will treat those who are poor and needy free of cost. I want to become a doctor and serve those people who can neither pay hefty fees to big doctors nor can take patients to big cities.

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