How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation – Best Tips And Tricks

How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation – Best Tips And Tricks : The final few months of your preparation are absolutely vital for the upcoming 10th and 12th board exams. Anyhow, getting ready for an exam that is billed as one of the largest exams of your life is difficult. Among the various problems you may encounter later in life as a young person, board exams are probably the first one you will encounter. The good news is that you can easily achieve a 90 or above with just one month of study. Additionally, you only have time to prepare.

How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation – Best Tips And Tricks

Here are some helpful hints to help you study more effectively and quickly for the exam, which is in a little more than a month.

Manage Your Time Wisely

The first thing you need to concentrate on when you have limited time left is time management. How well you use the time in the exam will determine your outcome. Make sure you devote the necessary time to each subject based on your level of expertise and the scope of the syllabus. One strategy to organise your study is to start studying for tests in the opposite order, i.e., start with the final exam and move on to the first exam around a week before the first one.

How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation

Extensive Textbook Study

Building concepts without mastering the fundamentals is a bad and time-consuming study strategy. Textbooks give students a deep understanding of the fundamentals, and once they have this understanding, they can more quickly solve problems in other reference materials. Typically, there is virtually little probability of receiving a question outside of the required textbooks. Make sure you are familiar with every idea and subject in your textbook. Tables, graphs, and diagrams shouldn’t be disregarded because queries can be posed about any portion.

How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation

Take Regular Breaks

Two hours is the recommended amount of time for continuous study. Again, each 2-hour block can be divided into 1-hour blocks separated by 10-minute breaks. You should not think about or feel stressed about your exams throughout your “vacation.” Your mind is not taking a rest if you utilise the break to discuss the course material with friends or organise your upcoming study session. The following round of studying won’t be as productive if your mind doesn’t relax.

Best Time Table For Board Exams 

Alternate Between Subjects

Nobody enjoys studying math for six hours straight. Give yourself a variety of topics each day to reduce your risk of getting bored extremely quickly. Don’t overload yourself with topics you find tough or don’t take on all the simple subjects/topics in one day. To achieve the best results, begin the day with an easy subject or topic for about an hour, then go on to a more challenging one once you’ve warmed up.

How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation

Solve The Test Questions From Last Year

To gain a sense of the exam format and common questions, try to solve at least five previous year’s question papers. Your confidence will increase as you complete exam papers from prior years. Additionally, you will be able to anticipate the types of exam questions and adjust your preparation. Try to complete the problems within the time allocated, as indicated on the question paper, to test your speed, which will be needed for the final Board Examination.

Get Enough Rest To Improve Memory

Most students finish their final exam revisions by staying up late. You must keep in mind that getting enough sleep is what transforms your short-term memory (what you just learned) into long-term memory (what you can recall sitting in the exam hall). Sleep for 7-8 hours every night to ensure that your brain actually retains everything you learned that day. Before heading to bed, sip on a glass of hot milk if you’re having problems falling asleep.

How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation

Describe What You Have Discovered

Trying to explain a topic’s concepts to someone who is unfamiliar with it might be a quick test to determine how much you have learnt. Anyone who is willing to patiently listen to you could be your sibling, parent, grandmother, or anyone else. You will know that you need another revision when you find it difficult to convey a certain subject to a layperson.

Exam Day And The Night Before

The night before the exam is extremely important, and how well you do on it really does depend on it. Minutes beforehand, too much cramming can make your brain spin out of control. For any area you feel is crucial or where you are less confident, you should ideally just take a review. Half an hour prior to the exam’s start, put your book away and feel confident, at ease, and comfortable.

How To Score Above 90% In Board Exams With One Month Preparation

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The last, yet certainly not the least, is to enjoy yourself. You still have time to work on your performance and earn higher grades. Study your course material, be well-prepared, and present your papers while keeping a cool head. Exams are not meant to intimidate you; they are just meant to assess your knowledge of the subject.

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